Supplemental Handicap

noun; ˈsəpləmənt/
something that completes or enhances something else when added to it.
People are constantly going to supplements looking for an instant cure to very large picture issues like; weight loss, testosterone enhancement, energy, cognitive function, arthritis, and pretty much any disease/disorder/discomfort you can think of. While they definitely can help you get there, they are supplements… Something that completes or enhances  an already well-functioning machine.
If you eat like shit, barely move your body, get no restorative sleep or hate your life and want to take a supplement to cure some mental/physical ailment, your just going to take that supplement and shit it out (assuming you even shit regularly). Almost all of the health concerns I listed above can typically be chipped away at or even cured if people would just eat better and actually exercise… However, I’m not saying you have to be in perfect health for a supplement to be effective, but you should at least have sat up on the couch to head that way…
There are some amazing products out with some amazing scientific backing, and more importantly, Ryan Carroll backing. The following is what anyone could benefit from, from weight loss to feeling more energy to increasing your sex drive to becoming a pro disc golfer/golfist… or whatever. Try them, see how they work for YOU… Health is about learning to listen and feel what your body is telling you, people are stupid, our bodies are not.

Primary Supplements for General Health:

Fish Oil:
Fish oils are one of the most important supplements for general health, rapid body transformation, performance, brain function, joint stiffness and a multitude of other benefits. EPA and DHA contained in fish oils are the compounds that provide these benefits and they are practically absent in the average persons diet.
Fish oils increase the utilization of fat as energy and decrease the storage of fat, this is because of EPA and DHA’s ability to help make the insulin receptors more sensitive to circulating levels of insulin.

Recommended Minimum Dosage: 3 grams per day in the beginning. After about 2 weeks of steady intake, the dose can be increased 1 gram. This should be repeated weekly until no further benefits are noticed. Then hold steady.

CLA (Conjugated linoleic acid):
CLA is found in beef, turkey and dairy. It has been shown to reduce body fat stores. Americans have become increasingly deficient in CLA. A huge benefit from CLA is its positive effects on glucose tolerance, glucose homeostasis and insulin sensitivity.  People deficient in CLA will retain fat because their body isn’t allowing that fat to enter muscle cells to be used as energy.
Recommended Dosage: 5 grams per day

Whey Protein (Goal Dependent):
Consuming enough quality protein throughout the day from whole foods can be difficult, so supplementing is a good quick way to get it in. However, whole food sources are always preferred.
Why whey?
Whey protein has one of the best amino acid profiles compared to the other protein options (casein, soy, egg, rice, ect.). Also, it is processed at a very high rate by the body and is low in lactose, for those that are sensitive.
*Chew shakes to help aid digestion

L-Carnitine(ALC) is one of the best supplements for fat loss and strength increases, but only when you are eating right and exercising  frequently
Studies have shown that ALC helps the body more readily use fat as energy, enhance cerebro and cardiovascular blood flow and improves cognition.
Recommended Dosage: 3-7 grams
*Your body processes this supplement within about 4-5 hours (depending on digestion), so don’t be too concerned with increasing the dosage more frequently than others. As always, listen to your body. The worst case scenario for this supplement would be a nice case of diarrhea.

Start with these 4 supplements and see if you notice any changes in energy, stamina, weight loss, brain function, or any of the other benefits I mentioned.
If nothing changes, re-address your diet, your sleeping, your dosage and finally, if you really need the supplement at all.