The First Five Steps to Being Super Human

Clients ask me to give them everything they need in order to get in shape, be happier, healthier, stronger, smarter, so on and so on and so on.
The tough part is that people are very impatient with their goals/wants/needs/desires. They overcomplicate, rush the end-product, and ultimately end up failing, becoming more confused and completely unmotivated. Leaving them to move from one goal or idea to the next without completing anything (I am also guilty of this). Everyone wants an absolute answer, they hate hearing “patience, persistence, balance , dedication”. They want to be told to eliminate carbs or meat, to only do cardio or only lift weights, to do crossfit or that it’s too dangerous, to be christian, to be atheist, never drink alcohol, they can be a competitive fighter in 6 months, that its ok to have 7 cats, that french toast and french fries are healthy because the french don’t get fat, and everyone loves the justification “moderation is key”… Try that slogan with meth.

We all want an answer. People just want something to believe in that is an unbending truth or at least one they can convince themselves of. It sounds like they are looking for a divine health intervention…Health has become religious, but the scary Westboro Baptist kind.
What do you get when you bring up eating meat to a vegan, or how fat causes heart disease to the paleo/primal world, or that Crossfit is dangerous, or Rhadbo is bullshit, or Chiropractic/Accupuncture/Eastern Medicine is psuedo-science? How about the goddamn vaccine debate?!
I usually get a black eye.
But, just like religion, you think you know shit, but you only know what you think you know works for you… Read that a couple times, I think it makes sense… But, I don’t know.

Here’s where I stand; I do my best to use what I’m good at, logic. There really aren’t a lot of people who can simplify something without making it too simple or completely ridiculous. I give everyone I work with a guideline of what I have seen work with many, many people (myself included). If for some reason it doesn’t work for them, I help them readdress what the issue is and we individualize the program even further. I try to help people listen and communicate with their bodies, once they learn how, I push them off the cliff and hope they flap their wings.

There are an infinite amount of actions you can do to make yourself a better person; mentally, emotionally, physically. But you can never be perfect, so you will always be able to push towards the next step, or chip away at the next road block. I chose 5 things I think every person should do, and will benefit from on their road to becoming super human. However, ask me in 5 years and I may just say it was all bullshit, that you should’ve been eating those french fries.

1. Build Strong and Fast Hips:
So much power and drive through your entire body comes from here. It’s potentially the most explosive area of the body when trained that way. So, if running fast, jumping high, actually pleasing your lover, or just being a bad ass human being is important to you… Hip drive is where it’s at. Plus your ass gets beautiful.
How to Build Super Human Hips:
a. Kettlebells – Strength, rhythm, and power
b. Weightlifting (Olympic Style and Variations) – Strength and power
c. Jui Jitzu or Wrestling- Rhythm, power
d. Dancing- If you can’t dance or do not have rhythm, learn to dance.

2. Eat Less Meat
I love meat! It’s my favorite part of any meal… including vegetables. However, as a whole, we eat way to much of that shit. I mean shit. The worst quality, grain fed, hasn’t seen daylight, depressed, stressed, abused. You store toxins in fat. Not only are the added hormones and grains toxic, so is the stress and sadness. So when you do eat these drugged, abused, grain-fed animals don’t think for a second that you are eating well… or even ‘gluten-free’. You are what what you eat eats…
As a good rule, take the money you spend on factory meat, put the same amount into local, free-range, grass-fed, organic meat and that should be your intake. Probably about 1/2 to 1/4 less than you were eating before.

3. Try Gluten AND Grain Free
‘Gluten-free’, everyone’s doing it, not many know why. If you don’t know what gluten is, its what makes your breads doughy… its a protein in a lot of grains and is sometimes present in processed meats. Eitherway, we (generally) as humans, do not process it well and it causes a host of problems throughout the body; inflammation, insulin resistance, immune system disruption, digestive issues and other cool things like that. The problem I always see is people try the diet and just replace the grains with psuedo ‘gluten-free’ grains and processed ‘gluten-free’ junk food with a ton of sugar and carbs, ultimately eating worse than they were before! I really can’t believe people are actually that ignorant… I think they just get good at lying to themselves, just like I lie to myself about them not actually being that ignorant…
Anyhow, try eliminating all grains from your diet for at least a month and see how you feel. After that, slowly introduce a few grains back into the diet and see how your body responds. LISTEN to your body!

4. Create Something
Paint, draw, build a table, learn to weld, write a book, learn a song on piano, buy a coloring book, it doesn’t matter what you do. Creating something (and finishing it) gives you a sense of accomplishment and motivation. This will help in all aspects, especially health based goals where a lot of people struggle to picture the end product and lose motivation quickly. After completing a project, after putting in hard work and being able to see what you’re efforts created; you should be able to understand that with just a little effort you will always be rewarded with a beneficial result.

5. Live on the Edge… For Moments at a Time
You acheive nothing in your comfort zone. Nothing great at least.
Be a fucking weirdo. Be yourself, don’t be afraid of what people think, because the best people I have met or respect are real, raw and weirder than shit. All these people have done something incredible in their lives, they have fun, and they are happy. No one is perfect, neither are those assholes judging you, so why are they your concern? Nothing you set out to do that is ‘scary’ will end in regret. It will make you stronger, smarter and happier. I promise.
I just motivated the shit out of myself, I’m going to go out and do something extreme. You should too.

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  • Leeann

    January 30, 2014 @ 2:22 am

    No bullshit here, good stuff.

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